What I learned from other blogs

I looked at several sites, but will focus on three blog that are  direct resources for this class and my current role as a facilitator for a health insurance carrier.  The first site discusses the use of making training immediately relevant, the second is looking a power points and how to keep them professional and the last also discusses scenario based learning and which trainings are best.

The first blog about creating immediate relevant based trainings.  At this time, my department is rolling out a new medical management platform and there is a struggle with the immediate relevance of the training to the time it will be used.  Some groups there will be several weeks before they will use the new platform.  One thing we have done is create very specific scenarios that each specific unit will be using.  By creating the scenarios it also provides the learner a real life immediate case to use the problem solving learning style of most adult learners. This blog reinforced what we are going is correct and there are several other blogs within the site that will be useful throughout this course and my current project.

The second site is looking at power point.  Again this blog fits directly into my current role because oddly enough we still create trainings in power point. This blog directly discusses how three areas can keep your power point professional.  It may seem outdated but several companies still use power points to create and many times they can be busy or over produced.  There are three things that can be used bullet point, images and using the templated provided by Microsoft.  The need to understand the use of power point but keeping it neat and concise can be a struggle.  This blog provides some great points that can be provided to other to keep the training crisp.


The last blog is discussing 8 types of training where scenario-based learning works.  I can see where the need for this training is needed.  The blog discusses each of the eight and how the scenario learning work.  I can see how looking at the 8 types and seeing that there can be a combination of the 8 within a project.  Again, for what I do, this site will be a great benefit and help me create better trainings by incorporating more meaningful scenario based learning.







3 thoughts on “What I learned from other blogs

  1. Hi Meredith,
    I like your blog. The clean layout and information was easy to follow.


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